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          The quality of survival, technology and development
          Quality for survival, technology for development
          Wall-mounted AC charging pile
          Wall-mounted AC charging pile
          Wall-mounted AC charging pile


          SCAC Series Charging pile is designed for slow charging of electric vehicles. It is suitable for long-term parking and charging people, enterprises and institutions parking lot, etc.


          u Small size and flexible installation.

          u Single-phase and three-phase power supply for selection.

          u 3.5 inch touch screen is easy to operate and rich in information.

          u Choose simple or full-featured according to actual needs.

          u Multiple charging methods and protection. Many charging methods.

          u Support multiple communication interfaces.

          u Adaptive intelligent charging function.

          Technical parameters:


          Basic Function

          Function Description

          Main Item

          Secondary Item

          Input/ Output

          Rated input

          AC 220V±20% 50Hz

          AC 380V±20% 50Hz

          Rated output

          AC 220V±20% 50Hz

          AC 380V±20% 50Hz

          Maximum output current




          Peak value ≥ 95%

          Power factor


          Human-Computer Interaction


          3.5 inch touch screen


          Multiple charging methods. Display charging voltage, current and other parameters during charging. APP control function.

          Indicator light

          Red light :malfunction and warning. Green light: full charge and standby mode. Yellow light flashes:charging.


          Contactless card reader


          Emergency stop protection

          Stop output in an emergency

          Overcurrent protection

          Overcurrent trip protection

          Connection abnormality

          Automatically power off

          Illegal insertion

          Door protection

          Stop the output after opening the maintenance door

          Shell IP grade


          Product details