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          The quality of survival, technology and development
          Quality for survival, technology for development
          Intelligent integrated power distribution cabinet
          Intelligent integrated power distribution cabinet
          Intelligent integrated power distribution cabinet


          Intelligent integrated power distribution cabinet is designed for the requirements of standardization, miniaturization and outdoor use of low-voltage power distribution equipment. It is suitable for low-voltage side distribution of transformers on outdoor poles.

          The cabinet meets the standards GB7251 and GB/T15576-2008,etc.


          u FRP or metal material bring the advantages of high mechanical strength and preservative, etc.

          u Three-point positioning door lock design helps safe and reliable.

          u Waterproof, rustproof, dustproof, etc.

          Technical Parameters:



          Rated voltage


          Rated frequency


          With transformer capacity


          Feed circuit

          Usually 2 channels, each channel is 80% to 100% of the total capacity of the transformer

          Compensation capacity


          Compensation method

          Three-phase co-compensation. Three-phase sub-compensation. Mixed compensation.

          Maximum allowable overcurrent

          1.3 times rated current


          Using environment:

          u Temperature: Min -25℃~Max+55℃;

          u Relative humidity: ≦90%(Relative temperature:20℃~25℃);

          u Altitude: ≦2000m;

          u Installation site inclination: ≦ 5°;

          u Operating voltage fluctuation:≦ Rated operating voltage ±10%;

          u Installation location: The place with no severe impact, serious pollution and chemical corrosion, no conductive dust and explosion risk. Install inside the cabinet.


          Product details